Rolf M. Vogt
Rütimeyerstrasse 72
CH-4054 Basel
Telefon/Fax +41 (0)61 281 01 44

Next to my works as a Editor in my own 'Aha Fliegeverlag', where i work as a Editor and Designer of Books, i also work as grafic Designer and are working as a Artist.

Symbols, Signals, Icons and Pictogramms, as well as fracments of bictures, are parts in my Unikat-Prints and Unikat-Plexis. Those are unique Computer-Collages. My so called ‚Storybictures' comunicat without words. You may look at them and you read your own Story. Not only Colors develop themself in your brain, also Storys do this.
My Unicat-Prints and Unicat-Plexis are unique- and singular-printouts. After every print on paper or the prints on plexiglas, my artwork on the computer will be extinguishd. The symbols, signals and icons etc. will be used again for other artworks, as we know it from the former bookprinting, where also the typeletters after printing where used again for new typesettings.

All Colorfotos which i use in my prints and plexis, are separeted in its own colors cian, magenta, yellow and black. After that, the individuall colorseparations are printed in eachone of the four Plexiglaspannels which then will be arranged one behind the other, and hold together in a pannel.